l'Institut Français de Tomonau proposes  trainings to the foreign executives or workers who work in France or use French in their corporate relations.

We accompany them  also with their family while settling down in France.

Courses in your company

We can join you at your office to give you private or collective French courses.

We provide special language trainings in the field of finance, real estate or law.


Support to expatriates

When starting in a new position in France, expatriates need a support for them and their family in order to settle down easily.
We propose to help them with:

  • Administrative papers : Phone subscriptions, Internet, banks...
  • Housing search
  • Children's studies
  • Personal coaching
  • ​Finding a housemaid
  • French lessons

Tél +33 6 63 80 89 89

L'Institut de Français

de Tomonau