Denise BARRAUD - French For Foreigners Teacher (DAEFLE Alliance Française)

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Wether you are looking forward to settle in France or just to improve your skills in french, l'Institut de français de Tomonau will accompany you all the way through your project.

Located in Saint-Raphaël on the French Riviera, we benefit from a perfect situation to combine work and leisure activities... in French of course !

​The different programms and activities  we propose will let you customize your stay the way YOU want it.


Practicing and learning a language in the country where people use it emphasizes all the efforts made.

Our formations and courses are focused on the learners'needs.

Oral practice holds an important place in our courses because spontaneity and fluency are the first steps towards possessing a language.


  • For professionals : attend meetings, give a presentation, answer the phone, understand a report, write an e-mail or a letter, be familiar with the vocabulary of your line of work.
  • For daily communication : manage administrative papers, ask for information, go shopping, read newspapers, follow your children's studies.
  • For advanced studies : widen your vocabulary, improve your syntaxic and grammatical skills, give a presentation, analyze a document, apply for an internship.
  • Prepare an official French exam :  practice for the exams, be more confident at oral and written exercises, be able to share your ideas and opinions.


The choice is yours !

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L'Institut de Français

de Tomonau